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Fine Arts Toronto Gallery presents the 2021 Curator's Choice Exhibition


Decorative Arts now available at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery!


New Free Approval Program of artwork in your home/office to simplify decision process!

Fine Arts Toronto Gallery offers for sale historical and contemporary works of art of Canadian, European and other international artists. While we continue to keep the main focus on Canadian art market, we decided to diversify our gallery portfolio by introducing more contemporary European artists.

Canadian Artists:

A.Y. Jackson (1882-1974)

Bott Nicholas (1941-)

Buytendorp Phil (1961-)

Charlesworth Rod (1955-)

Cote Bruno (1940-2010)

Frank Johnston (1888-1949)

Genn Robert (1936-2014)

Hudon Normand (1929-1997)

Iacurto Francesco (1908-2001)

Joy John (1925-2012)

Morrisseau Norval (1932-2007)

Ray Carl (1943-1978)

Yates Norman (1923-2014)

Yuzbasiyan Arto (1948-)

Canadian art wanted for Purchase or Consignment, please visit our Valuation webpage for details.

A.Y. Jackson - Houses, Fox River Gaspe

A.Y. Jackson-Houses, Fox River

Phil Buytendorp - After The Storm (2012)

Phil Buytendorp-After Storm

Nicholas Bott - Kitseguekla, BC

N.J.Bott-Kitseguekla, B.C.

Robert Genn - Lake of the Woods Classic (2005)

Robert Genn-Lake of the Woods

Bruno Cote - La Malbaie (1989)

Bruno Cote-La Malbaie

Rod Charlesworth - Okanagan Valley Sunset (2010)

Charlesworth-Okanagan Valley

International Artists:

Alberto Vargas (1896-1982)

Bancila Octav (1872-1944)

Chepik Sergei (1953-2011)

Camelia de Montety (1974-)

Camarut Mihai (1904-1981)

Gheorghiu Gabriel (1954-)

Gheorghiu Val (1934-)

Gonceariuc Valeriu (1941-)

Hotnog Stefan (1920-1993)

Mihaescu Razvan Paul (1954-)

Mihailescu-Craiu V. (1908-1981)

Milord Neculai (1909-1988)

Mircea Eugen (1948-)

Mocanu Traian (1954-)

Suhar Liviu (1943-)

Tofan Constantin (1952-)

Vermont Nicholas (1866-1932)

Sergei Chepik - La mort el le soldat (1989)

Sergei Chepik-La mort et le soldat

Carl Ray - The Thunderbird Man

Carl Ray-The Thunderbird Man

Camelia de Montety - Abstract Composition IV

Camelia de Montety-Abstract IV

Norman Yates - Landscape 237

Norman Yates-Landscape 237

Norval Morrisseau - Wabino-Wiin-Shaman (1960-1964)


Valeriu Gonceariuc - Nocturne (2002)

Valeriu Gonceariuc-Nocturne